Special Rules

The new SHAPE Village will be reconstructed in 7 phases; the first phase will start with the demolition of 84 apartments which is currently scheduled for 01 October 2018.
Because of the very special situation, exceptional rules of management have been implemented to provide a higher flexibility in the best interest of the service member and the owner.

1) Subject of approbation from HMS, the following cases and reasons may be invoked to rent one of the 84 apartments that will be demolished during the first phase:

   a.   The tenant is on the waiting list for a house and would like to rent an apartment while waiting for a house. He shall sign a lease which will terminate as of right on 01 October 2018 at the latest (date of demolition) as well as a statement of commitment. With this statement, the tenant acknowledges if he rejects a house upon the first offer, he might not have another chance of having a second offer, and be obliged to vacate the premises without any kind of compensation if there is no possible way to present a second offer before the demolition date.
   b.  For military and NATO people working in direct support of SHAPE, see HMS. Subject to availability and HMS' approval, these apartments can be rented to them. Short terms leases will be established  (minimum 6 months leases and limited to the deadline date which is 01 October 2018).
2) Tenants located in the lower part of the 600 area will be affected by the works; this is why certain financial adjustments have been conceived when works will start :

- 75 € compensation for lack of garage,

- 10 % rebate on the rent for works nuisance. 

3) The apartments situated "rue de Pluton” and "rue du Soleil” will not be affected by the project therefore no rent adjustment is considered for these apartments.


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