Waiting List for SHAPE Village

  • HMS provides a version of the waiting list releasable to the public. Please be aware that we cannot publish your name in combination with your position in a public network. This is the reason why we implemented a coded number corresponding to your name. Click here to see your position on the waiting list.
    If you wish to find out your code number, go to the waiting list that is posted on the WISE and pick it up, or feel free to contact HMS. 
  •  All newcomers receive a code number upon completed registration.
  •  A printed version of the waiting list remains permanently accessible at HMS office, B210, R10
  •  If a customer on top of the waiting list either refuse or is unwilling to commit himself, he will be given the choice of either being taken permanently off the waiting list or of reverting to the bottom of the list.
  •  Customers will be taken permanently off the waiting list upon the second time they revert.
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