School Bus Section


Arnaud Carlier - SBS Coodinator (Civ) Bldg 710, Ext: 4013 (+32 65 44 4013)

Bastien Bievelez - SBS Coordinator (CIV) Bldg 710, Ext: 4013 (+32 65 44 4013)

Sphere of operation!

  1. Before selecting a House or a flat, please check the location of the nearest school bus service bus-stop with us in our office, avenue de Sofia, building 710.
  2. Please note – not all villages or inhabitant areas in this square are served by the school bus service.
  3. There is no door to door service. The school bus service is open for any children’s who are at minimum 5 years old or  who will be 5 years old the following  month.

    SCHOOL BUS SECTION will be closed from July 10th till July 21st incl.

    No registration on August 16th!

Who has to register (re-register) & How to register ?

  1. All newcomers and parents whose children are already living here, and whose children have never used the school bus, but want to use it during the school year.
  2. Parents with children already registered for this school year and whose children require the school bus service again during the next school year.

Where Do I go and what do I need? 

To register you will need :
  1. The child' sponsor must be present.
  2. Civilian personnel need a Certificate of Assignment from their NMR or supporting nation. Without this certificate you will be directly charged for the School Bus Service.
  3. a registration form will be given to you directly at the School Bus Section office.
  4. a copy of the child's passport or birth certificate

How much do I have to pay for the school bus service?

The School Bus service is paid by seven participating nations.  If you are member of one of these nations, you do not have to pay for the bus program.  For more information, please ask your support unit.  If you child is enrolled at one of the U.S. sections, please note that the School Bus program is included in the US Tuition fee.
All others are individual payers.

School bus section opening hours :

 Monday to Friday  0915 to 1115 hrs
   1330 to 1530 hrs (1330 to 1410 hrs on Fridays)
   1600 to 1630 hrs (1540 to 1610 hrs on Fridays)
 During school summer holiday  0900 to 1300 hrs

Where do I need to go?

School bus section is located: Avenue de Sofia, building 710, Ext: 4013.

Customer help line

A Customer Help Line has been created to keep you updated on school bus matters.
In case of adverse weather conditions or any delays caused by technical problems with the bus or traffic jam, a detailed voice message will be recorded on our customer help line.
Customers help line. Ext. 065/44-2000 + enter 6033 (to be called from non-SHAPE lines)

Adverse weather Conditions

During the winter period, adverse weather or road conditions may make it necessary, in the interests of the children's safety, to cancel the school bus service.
The decision to cancel the school bus service will be made by the Director General or Deputy Director of SHAPE International School by 06:00h on the morning concerned.
This information will be broadcasted by AFN SHAPE (104,2 FM) commencing at 0645 hrs.
This information will then be repeated every 15 minutes up to 0845 hrs.
We also provide the information on our Customers help line. Ext. 065/44-2000 + enter 6033.

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