Family Support & Central Processing Branch (FSCEP)

 Welcome to the Family Support Central Processing Branch (FSCEP)! This is your one-stop location to register yourself, your family, your vehicle(s), manage V.A.T./T.V.A matters, customs and Belgian Federal Police matters. You can also receive your SHAPE driver's license (USA and CAN personnel have to bring testing paper) within the FSCEP.

As you will be living here in Belgium, you might want to find a house. The Family Support and Central Processing Branch is also the place you go to begin your search for your new residence.
When you are departing SHAPE at the end of your duty/employment, you will need to visit FSCEP again. We will help guide you through the out-processing procedure to ensure your transition goes as smoothly as possible.
Living in Belgium may be very different than that which you are accustomed too. Make the FSCEP the place where your stay in Belgium begins and ends. Stop in building 210 to receive all the information you need to help ease your transition.


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