Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Federal Police is a charter expounding their mission, vision and values.
It expresses the raison d’être of the Federal Police and describes what they do and for whom (the mission), the way they want to accomplish their tasks (the vision) and the individual characteristics or values each staff member has to have in order to give concrete expression to the mission and vision.


The mission expresses the "raison d’être” of the organization and describes what it does and for whom.


The vision is an ambitious image of the future and requires the involvement of all staff members of the Federal Police, without regard to their level or rank.
The general guidelines, drawn up by the senior managers, through which the organization wants to evolve, are essential: how do we want to be perceived on the long term and how do we want to achieve this goal?


The values are individual characteristics any member of the Federal Police must have.

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