Recycling Sites/Dumpsites

There is a recycling center in SHAPE, it is situated near the shopping center in the 500 area. Materials that can be dumped in there is limited to the list here below:

  • Textiles and leather: clean and still usable clothes.
  • Oils: mineral or vegetable.
  • Household hazardous waste like, light bulbs and neon lights, paint, aerosols, batteries etc.
  • Metal scraps
  • glass bottles
  • paper and cardboard
  • PMC: plastic bottles and flasks, cans and beverage cartons.
  • Electric and electronic appliances and devices running on power or batteries such as radios, mobile phones, irons etc.)


Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday from1000 to 1250 hours and from 1330 to 1750 hours

Friday 1000 to 1250 hours and from 1330 to 1650 hours

Closed on Saturday, Sunday,and SHAPE holidays.


SHAPE Residents are not entitled to use the recycling centers outside of SHAPE.

If SHAPE Residents need to dump other materials than here above mentioned, it is possible to go to the recycling center of Cuesmes rue de Ciply 265 (Tél : 065/412737) . This is not free for SHAPE Residents. The cost of it is based on the weight, and is 214 € per ton or 21,4 cents per kilo.

Materials that can be dumped in the off base recycling centers (knowing on base residents can only go to the Cuesmes recycling center and knowing the charge is calculated in accordance to the weight).

·         Cardboard and Paper

All paper and cardboard products should be placed in the compactors. There is no need to separate papers and cardboards e.g., newspapers, boxes, magazines, etc ...


·         Glass Products

All types and colours of glass go into the same container. It is not necessary to remove labels and metal rings. Sorting of glass will be done at the processing centre. Chinaware and

ceramic items are not accepted.


·         Plastic Material

PET plastic and PEHD plastic are accepted but they go into separate containers. It is not necessary to remove the caps or labels.

The following plastic items are non-recyclable and cannot be accepted:

All milk bottles; bottles or containers for syrup, butter or other grease or fat based products, cup type, containers for yoghurt, custard, pudding, sour cream, preserves, cheese, meat, salad and other similar food products, plastic bags or other thin plastic wrapping, and Styrofoam trays or materials.

These plastic products are not recyclable and should be disposed of in appropriate bags and collected at the time of the regular rubbish collection.


·         Metal

There are two metal containers, one for aluminium cans and other metal tins; labels do not have to be removed, the other one is for scrap metal only.


·         Batteries

Small batteries may be dropped in a small yellow metal box near the container for special household waste.

Car batteries will be stored by the Recycling Centre staff in the covered 20M3 special waste container.


·         Toxic Waste

Any toxic material, such as cleaning fluids, paints and other toxic waste, should be left in their original containers and dropped in the container for special household waste. They will be stored by the Recycling Centre staff in the special waste.



·         Used Car Oil

Will be poured by the Recycling Centre Staff into the 1,000 litre oil container near the covered 20M3 special waste containers.


·         Unwanted Household Items

For example, old clothes, blankets, leather bags and shoes go into any of the three CURITAS containers located in the compactor area .

Since 1995, the SHAPE Recycling Centre has had three CURITAS beige containers in operation. These containers accept:

• All old clothing (men, women, children).

• Linen and bedclothes.

• Old shoes, bags and other leather articles.

These items will be:

• Re-used in second-hand shops and in third-world and disaster-stricken areas.

• Transformed into rags or stuffing for mattresses and car seats.

• Re-used as fibres for insulation material.

Please make sure that items dropped into the containers are packed or tied up.

Recycling of old clothes and leather will protect the environment against further pollution caused if these products were to be burnt or thrown out.

These containers are installed free of charge and all profits made from the recycling process are donated to the Oeuvre Belge du Cancer.




Regular waste, large household items, electronic and electric equipment, construction waste, yard, waste and wood.

These items have to be disposed of by the owners in the recycling centre of Cuesmes, rue de Ciply. On base residents will pay to the recycling centres to drop off the items mentioned here above, the cost is calculated on the weight.

Be aware, when you buy and have delivered any new electrical appliance, the shop has the obligation to take away your old appliance.


SHAPIANS are kindly reminded that they should not:


• Leave their children unsupervised when using the Recycling Centre. Access ramps between containers are sometimes slippery and the paper compactor's hydraulic press, while in motion, may represent a serious potential hazard to unattended children.

• Use the Recycling Centre as a short-cut between the shopping facilities car park and Avenue de COPENHAGUE.

• Drop material off outside of the Recycling Centre outside of business hours. This may constitute a violation of Belgian law and subject you to significant fines. Items left may be searched to determine ownership and to locate the owner.


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