Procedure to apply

  • Entitled personnel must in-process via the registration computer of HMS. Your SHAPE ID Card is required to fill your registration successfully.
  • Once the registration is done the program will allow the applicant to print the application form. This form must been signed by the corresponding NMR, or for civilians the recruiting personnel office in order to verify the number of dependants and the marital status. With this, HMS will be able to validate the application.
  • Upon validation of your application, you will be placed in the appropriate waiting list. Separate waiting lists are established for General Officers, Officers and Other Ranks. Waiting lists will be subdivided into lists for each size of quarters (with the exception of General Officers Quarters, where there is only one list). A printed version of the waiting list remains permanently accessible at HMS office, B210, R106. The waiting list containing your name is also published on the SHAPE NS portal and a coded version of the waiting list is posted on this web page. The waiting list is updated on a weekly base.
  • HMS will contact the applicant as soon as he will reach the top of the waiting list in order to present an appropriate offer. The applicant must state, in writing, whether he desires to accept the offer or not. If he rejects the offer, he will have the choice to be placed at the bottom of the waiting list, or, if he wishes, to withdraw his application. The member will be taken permanently off the waiting list upon the second time he reverts. If he accepts the offer, the applicant will sign an acceptance form in HMS.
  • Next step for the applicant is to go to SHAPE Domaines’ office (room 101 same building as HMS) with the acceptance form in order to sign the rental contract. The moving in date will be determined upon the signature.

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