The SHAPE Village Lease

Contracts are concluded between the SHAPE Member and the Domaines’ office representing the Belgian State.

It is explicitly agreed in the contract that the lessee, may terminate the lease by giving a 30 days’ notice by registered mail in the following cases:
  • If the lessee changes of category (type of homes).
  • If the lessee ceases to belong to one of the categories of SHAPE personnel, or subordinated international military and civilian agencies in SHAPE.(i.e. if the lessee is retired or reassigned)
  • If the lessee has disappeared, or dies, or loses a member of his family living with him.
In addition to that, the lessor may terminate the lease if the lessee for any reasons whatsoever becomes the only person to occupy the dwelling, and is not accompanied by any dependent during an uninterrupted period of 4 months.
(For the tenant as well as for the landlord, the notice comes into force on the day after the day indicated by the postmark)
Index-linked adjustment. The monthly rent is adjusted annually upon written request of the landlord in accordance with the law in force.  The adjustment will take place the first of the month following the anniversary date of the contact.
The tenant for the lessor undertakes to take out a comprehensive home insurance policy and shall give the lessor a copy of it.
To ensure that he is able to meet his obligation, the lessee shall pay a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent into a personal blocked account in his own name in Belgium, by providing a bank warranty statement, by depositing money on a saving account at the name of the lessee and produce the proof of it to the lessor before receiving the keys.

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