Leaving SHAPE Village

Occupants of quarters in SHAPE Village are required upon reception of orders and no later than 30 days prior to departure, to give notice to SHAPE Domaines as well as to HMS of their impending vacation of quarters.

However for practical reasons, it is wished that tenants give their departing information as soon as possible. This way the Domaines’ office will be able to be pro-active in their planning, and HMS will be able to better estimate the availabilities for the newcomers.

To facilitate this task, the Domaines’ office provides tenants a standardized cancellation notice to be filled and returned.

The Domaines’ office conducts the out-inspection and the meter readings (water, gaz, electricity). Final invoices are provided along with the closure of accounts in the Domaines’ office.

Final invoices for phone, TV & internet providers remain a private responsibility.

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