Import and Registration of Weapons

When you are intent to bring a weapon into Belgium:

Think before you act
First of all, to obtain an authorization to detain a weapon in Belgium is now very hard because of the fact that the detention must be legitimate and the Belgian law describe precisely the situation when a detention is lawful.
Concerning SHAPE members, we can decently consider the following legitimate reasons to detain a weapon in Belgium: hunting, sport shooting and collection of weapons.
While you are in Belgium, you may apply to detain a weapon to the "Gouverneur de Province” of the place where de weapon will be detained.
  • Obligations that had to be fulfilled, medical certificate, authorization of all 18 years old person living with the requestor, weapon’s knowledge test, practical test, judicial background)
  • This application must be given to the Local Police of the place where the weapon will be detained.
  • When you receive the authorization, you may import your weapon in Belgium within 3 months (formalities with customs must be done in that delay).
(Those formalities are not the same for EU and non EU citizen)

NB: Citizen who are holder of an "European firearm card” may come in Belgium with their weapon. They just need to go to the Local Police station of the place where the weapon is detained.
What weapons are banned?
Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of prohibited weapons. Anyone found in possession of these weapons is therefore liable to prosecution, with sentences ranging from fines of up to 25,000 EUR to 5 years in prison.
- Weapons designed for military use, such as automatic weapons.
- Flick knives and switchblades, butterfly knives, throwing knives, shuriken (throwing stars) and knuckle-dusters.
- Close-combat weapons disguised as something else (e.g. a knife concealed in a belt or a pen). This category includes all types of weapon used for cutting or stabbing.
- Clubs and truncheons (or bludgeons).
- Firearms that have been modified for concealment purposes, firearms hidden inside another object or which no longer conform to the description in the license (e.g. sawn-off shotgun).
- Weapons that give off an electric shock.
- Aerosols and sprays for self-defense.
- Folding rifles with a caliber greater than 20.
- Nunchaku: this weapon, which consists of two sticks linked by a chain, has become known through martial arts films. This type of weapon is prohibited, even for oriental combat sports.
- Silencers (whether mounted on a firearm or not), night-vision sights, as well as other parts or accessories that would make a firearm illegal.
- Certain types of ammunition (see Article 22 of the Weapons Law for a detailed technical list).
- Automatic firearms: this includes all firearms which reload automatically after each round is fired and which can fire several rounds in rapid succession on a single press of the trigger.

Since the 2006 Weapons Law, daggers, dagger-knives and folding knives with a non-automatic locking system are no longer banned. However, you must be able to prove that you have legitimate grounds to carry weapons such as these.

For more information, see link "Police matters/weapon registration"

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