Every SHAPE sponsor MUST out-process to ensure their files are completed and closed. This is a very important process which can cause a lot of problems if not done correctly.
To out process, you must complete the following:
  1. Be sure you have all of the correct information before starting. You can contact your NMR or support unit, read this webpage or visit the Registration Section (building 210- room 109 open from Monday until Thursday 0845-1300  1400-1700 on Friday 0845-1300)
  2. Start preparing at least ten working days prior to departure to inform yourself and begin to out process at least seven days before leaving. This is necessary because if there are any problems you have the time to fix them.
  3. Download SHAPE FORM 52, which is the official out processing document, and complete the top section with your personal details. Start your tour of all required services, beginning with your own agency, mentioned on the form. The person responsible for each service will verify if you have turned in all received items or paid all bills.
  4. Be sure that you have all required documents before you start your tour and do not forget them  (SHAPE ID, P-ID or Belgian ID, ration cards, security badges, vehicle plates, proofs of payments, etc.)  
Section I
To fill in, stamped and signed by the directorate or agency you worked for during your tour on SHAPE.
Section II
 All offices below needs your visit and will check if all your duties in their branch are fullfilled.
1)   Belgian Customs office:
      Bldg 210 Rm 111 A   Mon-Fri 0900 to 1300 & 1400 to 1600 (PM by appt only)
      Tel: 0257/ 52592,77874 or 64809
      This office will check if your ATV form has been completed, all taxes have been paid and all formalities for export or expedition of your vehicles under temporary admission are completed.
2)   VAT/TVA:
      Bldg 210 Rm 103
      Tue & Wed 0900 to 1200          Thu 0900 to 1300
      ATV clearance has been completed.
3)   FSCEP Registration Section
      Bldg 210 Rm 110   Mon-Thu  0845 to 1200 & 1400 to 1700      Fri  0845 to 1300
      All formalities for export of vehicles under SHAPE system must be completed.
4)   FSCEP Housing Section: All in Bldg  210
      SHAPE DOMAINE Rm 101       Mon-Tue-Thu 0900-1300 & 1400-1500  Wed-Fri 0900-1300
      For SHAPE village residents only, all final payments have to be made
      Rent / Water and utilities (if applicable) Rm 105       0900-1300 & 1400-1700 (Fri until 1500)
      Bldg 210  Rm 108 same hours as the Registration Section
      Turn in all (whole family) your Belgian ID cards (old system)
6)   BSG Security and Emergency Services – (Pass Office)?Bld 102 Rm 118?Turn in all security badges
SECTION III – Ensure that you have cleared from the following (to be checked by NMR or Sup Unit)??This section has to filled in for whom concerned but it is highly recommended to pass any way to avoid discussions afterwards.
SECTION IV –Clearance by NMRs or national organisations and SHAPE HRM for civilians
The last step in out processing is to bring the SF 52 together with all the ID-cards and ration cards from the sponsor and his dependants to the FSCEP RGN to make the final international clearance.
Any lost or stolen cards must be justified by a declaration done by the Federal Police (stolen), building 247 or a SF-16 done by the FSCEP RGN (lost).
During this last step you must sign the SF 52 which counts as a declaration that you fulfilled all your obligations and that if an issue comes up after your departure you will stay fully responsible.
At last the clerks of FSCEP-RGN will give the final clearance, stamp and sign the SF 52 and provide you a copy.
Now you are definitively out-processed.

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