De-Registering a Vehicle

All SHAPE members are required to de-register their vehicle(s)/motorcycle(s) upon permanent transfer/departure from SHAPE or when selling a vehicle (whether it is sold in Belgium, in the EU or outside the EU).


It is accepted that, in some cases, you may be required to keep the Belgian registration plates (tags) on your vehicle until you arrive at your new destination.  


Provided below is the procedure to be followed in all cases: 


To De-Register a SHAPE registered vehicle, you must:


1.  Firstly, report to the VAT office (Room 103, Bldg 210) with the Registration Documents for the vehicle in question and request a "VAT Permission to Dispose Vehicle” form.


2.  Then report to the Fast Lane office (take a ticket) and either:


a.  Hand in the ‘VAT Permission to Dispose Vehicle’ form with the Back Plate.

b.         If retaining the back plate due to travel to your next assignment destination, hand in the form along with your Out-Processing Form (SF-52). (see para 4 below)


3.  It should be noted that your SHAPE vehicle registration has an expiry date and must registered in the destination country as soon as possible upon arrival and in line with the regulations for that country.


4.  You MUST return the Back plate either via your support unit or to the address below within 4 weeks of arrival at your new destination.  


Vehicle Reg Office

FSCEP, Rm 108, Bldg 210


Mons, 7010



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