Exporting a Vehicle

When you are permanently departing SHAPE, often you need to maintain a current vehicle registration before you are able to register your vehicle in another country. To ensure the smoothest transition possible, you must complete the following: 
1. Check: If the vehicle registration is still  valid, see your car registration document.

2. If YES: You can drive your vehicle home or to your next duty station outside Belgium. Or, you can export it.

After you register your vehicle in your new place of residence, you must mail your Belgian rear license plate (the one with the mark) to either your National Military Representative (NMR) office, National Support Unit (NSU) or the FSCP-RGN office.
Recommended (for some countries): It may be helpful to obtain a vehicle export document from the Belgian Customs office (bldg 210, rm 111A).
3. If NO: You can proceed to the Family Support and Central Processing Branch – Registration Section (FSCP-RGN), bldg 210, rm 109-110, with the following documents to extend your vehicle registration:

Vehicle registration documents (pink or yellow in colour)
Valid green insurance card (with start and end date)
NOTE: Chassis number (VIN) and a Belgian address must be on the green insurance card. You may use your post office address
(Vehicles older than 4 yrs) Controle Technique (CT) inspection documents
Inform: FSCP-RGN clerk you require a 30-day vehicle registration extension


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