Fuel Ration Entitlements

While living in Belgium and assigned at SHAPE, entitled persons are authorised to have fuel rations as a privilege.
To receive your fuel ration entitlement, you must register your vehicles/motorcycles on SHAPE through the Family Support and Central Processing Branch- Registration Section (FSCEP-RGN), bldg 210, rm 109-110.

You will receive your fuel ration entitlement during the vehicle registration process.

The amount of fuel ration depends on the car with the highest cc.

• Less than 1750cc = 200 Liters/month
• More than 1750cc = 400 Liters/month
While you await your vehicle being imported or registered in Belgium, if you rent a car during this period, sponsors are entitled to receive a temporary fuel ration entitlement. See RENTAL CAR FUEL RATIONS (Temporary).

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