Importing a Vehicle - Bringing it to Belgium


IMPORTANT: Sponsor's name MUST be on each document.
RECOMMENDED: Sponsor should be the one to register the vehicle/motorcycle)
1. Proceed to the Family Support and Central Processing Branch – Registration Section (FSCP-RGN), bldg 210 rm 109-110, with the following documents:
  • A valid green insurance card (with a start and end date) covering a time-frame of at least one year or to the end of tour, on sponsors name with a Belgian address.
NOTE: Chassis number (VIN) and a Belgian address must be on the green insurance card. You may use your post office address.
  • SHAPE I.D. card (only "green” I.D. card holders authorised)
  • €45 initial registration fee (€35 for motorcycles, €55 if you need a special vehicle front plate).
  • National registration certificate or a recent invoice with the sponsor's name and civilian Belgian address on it.
  • (Example. German national registration - You MUST bring both the "small” and " large” registration documents with the sponsor's name on both documents.)
  • (Vehicles older than 4 yrs) Controle Technique (CT) inspection approved documents (green in colour).
  • (USA and CAN, vehicle and motorcycle) SHAPE driver's license, after having passed a written test on the Belgian Traffic Code.
  • (MOTORCYCLES, non-USA/CAN) National driver's license or proof of motorcycle driver authorisation for all the people (dependents) who use the vehicle.
After 5-10 working days, depending on the status of the vehicle, your license plates, vehicle registration document and car entry pass will be available to be collected from the FSCP-RGN office, bldg 210, rm 109-110.
NOTE: Remember to de-register your vehicle upon your transfer/departure from SHAPE.

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