Road Tax

In Belgium you need to pay road tax for each vehicle in your possession (also motorcycle more than 50 cc).
As SHAPE member (not Belgian) you are free from road tax for one vehicle. In case you have more vehicles, you are free from road tax for the vehicle with the highest road tax amount.
Once your vehicles are registrated, under the SHAPE system, you will receive a bill in order to pay the road tax (valid for one year). If you sell you vehicle or you leave SHAPE during that year, you will get a refund if you provide the Ministery of Finance your bank account number.
To help the SHAPE members with all questions or problems, a representative of the Ministry of Finances is available one day every two weeks (normally on Thursday) . The calendar will be available on the Central Processing Branch board, bldg 210.
Be carefull: Not paying your roadtax will give you problems during out-processing.
For any questions or remarks on your invoice, please send an email to:
The email may be send in English.


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