The SHAPE vehicle/motorcycle registration system is a transit system which exempts entitled persons from certain requirements of the Belgian permanent vehicle registration system and issues permanent fuel ration cards and temporary fuel ration cards (rental cars). The granting of SHAPE vehicle registration depends upon the applicant's compliance with the required procedures. This means since you are only in Belgium temporarily, you do not have to pay import taxes on your first vehicle registered in Belgium. Reference: SHAPE Directive 100-2, Vehicle Registration and Operation.
You are entiteled to two tax free vehicles which will stay for three years on your quota.
IMPORTANT: You must register all vehicles used or located in Belgium within 7 days of the vehicle being imported into Belgium, or procurement in Belgium. You must also in mandatory by Belgium Law de-register your vehicle upon your permanent departure from SHAPE.
Until your vehicle is registered, or while you are using a rental car, you may receive a temporary "vehicle entry” pass from the SHAPE Visitor's Office (bldg 108, Berlin Gate) or from the Family SPT and Central Processing Branch-Registration Section (FSCEP-RGN), Bldg 210, Rm 109-110.
In order to enter SHAPE and begin the vehicle registration process, to include passing your vehicle Contrôle Technique inspection, collecting required equipment (fire extinguisher, safety vest and safety triangle) and then registering your vehicle. Here are some information and contact numbers about the Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection and also the price list. The CT is only to do for Car(s) not for Motorbike(s).
Ensure you take the necessary steps to avoid violating Belgium customs regulations and risk paying fines/import taxes. Please respect the exemption agreement between SHAPE and Belgium.
The green insurance card to be forwarded for registration of the respective vehicle has to show, next to the Belgium address of the applicant, also the complete chassis number of the VH.
If you have more than one vehicle, with one vehicle registered in Belgium and another vehicle registered in another country (ex. Germany, UK, etc.), you are violating the Belgium customs regulations. You must register all vehicles used/parked in Belgium with the FSCEP-RGN, bldg 210, rm 109-110.
Be aware: check the validity of your registration document. When your registration has expired, you are mandatory to pay for a new registration (new plates).


In order to extend a car registration, please make sure you will bring the following with you:

 -     Green card/ insurance card valid for at least 31 days

-       If applicable (for cars 4 years and older) a valid certificate of the "Control Technique "

-       Both parts of the current car registration documents ("certificat d’immatriculation”)

-       Euro 30,-- in cash

Registration of Caravans and Trailers
Below 750 KG:
Same plate as registered pulling VEH.  Plate can be ordered through the FSCEP-RGN (10 Euro).
Above 750 KG:
Mainly used in Belgium -
Register the caravan in the RGN (35 euros)
After receiving the registration document, you must go to CT (validity is on the CT document)
Original registration document if available
(otherwise original invoice and technical specifications in detail)
Reporting to the  FSCEP-RGN for registration and plate (35 Euro)
Road tax to be paid
Just in transit and registered in home country
- You can use the present plate/registration document - be sure that it is mentioned in the insurance policy as no obstacle.
If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the Family SPT and Central Processing Branch-Registration Section (FSCEP-RGN), Bldg 210, Rm 109-110, or by telephone at +32(0)65/44.41.48 or (SHAPE 4148, DSN 314-423-4148).




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