SHAPE International School

It is a pleasure to welcome you to SHAPE International School (SIS).

I hope that very soon you will discover and appreciate the international and diversified character of the school and that you will become integrated rapidly into the school community. To succeed, I invite you to develop your contacts at all levels and in every domain with a maximum of teachers, parents and students belonging to all the national sections.
All the bonds of relationship and the respect that will be created, I'm certain, will be a source of mutual enrichment and a uniquely valuable experience for all of you.
I look to professionalism and dedication of the faculty to maintain and, where possible, to improve the excellent reputation of the SHAPE International School and to create a harmonious climate where tolerance and solidarity will be developed.

I look forward to meeting you, and I wish you a fruitful and enjoyable stay in our school as well as a great deal of job satisfaction to the teachers who have chosen one of the finest professions - that of educating the young.
Mr Pittellioen,
Director General

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