Helpdesk & SF8

ISS Branch is responsible for: 
Maintenance and operation of buildings, utilities and grounds; environmental matters; the procurement, storage and distribution of supplies necessary to support the engineer workforce; general logistic and supply support; emergency maintenance response. (SHAPE Family Housing excluded)
Self-help projects will be submitted and cannot start without prior formal authorization from the ISS Branch Head.
ISS Branch is NOT responsible for:
  • Business Cards: send a SF22 to BSG Reprographics
  • Movement of computers and ADP equipment, procurement, installation or maintenance of communication equipment, signal cables: contact NCIA Helpdesk at #77
  • Works in SHAPE Family Housing (600 and 800 areas): contact SHAPE Domaine  

EACH REQUEST has to be submitted by a SF8   

Requests as major maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, alteration and construction of buildings, structures, utility systems, roads, pavements, sewage lines, hardened equipment, signs and grounds on SHAPE, supplies requirements, relocation, furniture, etc...
How to submit a SF8:
  • Bring in person your SF8 to building 214 room 110
  • or by normal SHAPE internal mail distribution
  • or by fax at 065.443969
  • or by email at

SF8 must be signed

Only authorized personnel through a SF 37-1 (Signature Card) may submit SF8.
Please note that SF8 without statement of work will be returned without action.
A copy of the SF8 will be returned to the requestor with a project number; this number should be used for any future inquiry. 
Reimbursable Customers: 
will be provided with a Rough indication of Cost (RIC) for their funding. Only funded projects will be executed.
SHAPE Directive 100-7 dated 4 Sep 2012
Admin. Office:  
Helpdesk #5555 (for minor repair works or emergency)
Fax #3969

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