Conti Mess

The Continental Mess is open for members of the SHAPE Community, but limits in access up to the degrees which are mentioned in the SHAPE regulations 5-15 :
ELIGIBILITY: All Ors (inclusive of visiting and TDY Ors), NATO B1 - B4 Grade Civilian (inclusive of visiting or TDY NATO B1 - B4 Grade civilian), all LWS / LWR / LWF Personnel, Teachers & Staff Personnel of the SHAPE International School up to F8, or G6. Staff with status other than those listed will require proof of employment with SIS.
SHAPE Federal Police and Staff, of OR grades (c insp, insp) and "ast" status (Orange SHAPE ID Cards)
NON - ELIGIBILITY: All Officers, All NATO A Grade Civilians, All NATO B5 - B6 Grade civilians, All GS 7 and above, Military Dependents, Retired Military or Civilians, Contractors.
The Continental Mess ensure a varied day dish.  You can view the monthly menu by clicking on the button below, please note that it is liable to changes.



 Monday to Friday :  0700 - 0900 hrs - BREAKFAST
   1130 - 1330 hrs - LUNCH
 Closed Saturday, Sunday & SHAPE Holidays.  


Tel.: 065/44.47.41 or SHAPE extention: 4741 or via email:
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