Caravan / Trailer Parking

Are you looking for a parking space for your private caravan, trailer or motor home?

The SHAPE Headquarters Support Group Transportation Section offers a limited number of slots within the yard of the international Motor Pool to SHAPE members living on or off base. All slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. A waiting list will be maintained if neccessary.

Applications for a caravan, trailer or motor home parking space are to be made through Morale and Welfare Branch, building 207, room 118 A-2, tel. 8340


Monday - Thursday 0900-1700 hours and Fridays 0900-1530 hours. 


call ext. 8340


  1. Authority to tow or park a privately owned caravan, trailer or motor home on the SHAPE installation is a privilege and is contingent upon proper observation of both traffic and parking regulations.
  2. At the time of application, all caravan owners will be required to sign a liability disclaimer.
  3. Owners who park their caravan, trailer or motor home at the International MotorPool (IMP) are personally responsible for the cleanliness and appearance of the area directly under and for 1 meter around their caravan, trailer or motor home and are to prevent the build up of rubbish or excessive growth of grass. Failure to comply will result in permission to keep a caravan, trailer or motor home on the base being retracted.
  4. Caravans, trailers or motor homes are to display the issued permit inside their windscreens at all times.
  5. Owners of caravans, trailers or mobile homes are not permitted to allow people to sleep or live in them whilst parked on the IMP domain.
  6. All SHAPE members who own a caravan, trailer or motor home are to notify the Chief Dispatcher or his nominated deputy of any change which may effect eligibility to park on the IMP domain. This includes posting from SHAPE, change of address or the sale of the caravan, trailer or motor home.
  7. The caravan parking area will be clearly marked with a thick yellow line painted around the caravan parking area perimeters. Under no circumstances are caravans, trailers or motor homes to be parked outside this area.
  8. Should registered keepers be detached on TDY away from SHAPE, they are required to provide details of an alternative point of contact who is authorised to remove their vehicle in the event of an increased security alert here at SHAPE.
  9. All caravans, trailers or motor homes parked at the IMP are parked at the owner's risk. Under no circumstances will SHAPE be financially responsible or liable for any damage caused to privately owned caravans, trailers or motor home, except under the conditions stated in Article VIII of the Status of Forces Agreement.

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