Taxies Authorized to Enter SHAPE

Commander, Base Support Group (BSG) authorizes two local companies to access the SHAPE installation as an alternative means of transportation.

Keep in mind, taxis by and large are not authorized on SHAPE without proper synchronization. If a SHAPE member wishes to be picked up by a taxi inside SHAPE, advanced notification must be made to the Joint Police Desk at ext. 3333 or 3334 (065/44.33.33 or 065/44.33.34) by means of providing the following information:

- Name of authorized taxi company 
- Your name and SHAPE ID number
- Time and place of pick-u

If you are entering SHAPE in one of the two authorized taxi companies, the driver must show the proper identificaton and each passenger in the vehicle must show their SHAPE identification card. 

Failure to follow any of these procedures will result in the taxi not being authorized to enter the installation. 

Note: The Joint Police Desk will not be responsible for calling taxis, this will be an individual and/or group responsibility. 

Authorized Taxis: 

Taxis Willy 
0497/49.60.00 (English speaking dispatcher)
065/31.98.08 (French speaking dispatcher)

Taxi Top
065/84.24.06 (English or French speaking dispatchers)

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