Dependant of Military Member (NATO SOFA)

Application for MANDATORY IDENTITY CARDS FOR A DEPENDANT OF A MILITARY MEMBER  (NATO SOFA) when assigned to SHAPE or any other organization supported or administered by SHAPE  
  • SHAPE (AMIS) IDENTITY CARD - As a dependant of a military member assigned to SHAPE, it is mandatory to be registered in SHAPE and to apply for a SHAPE (AMIS) ID Card as of 12 years and above. In principle children of the age 0-12 will receive no SHAPE (AMIS) Identity Card. However, if they attend the SHAPE International School (SIS) they will be provided with a school ID Card.  
  • BELGIAN PROTOCOL IDENTITY CARD -  Apart from the SHAPE (AMIS) Identity Card, dependants, including all children, are obligated to apply for a Belgian Protocol ID Card which is the valid proof of residency in Belgium released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for special foreigners like yourself. Dependants can only apply for this card once they have a permanent Belgian address.

Your application for the Belgian Protocol ID Card will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It will take approximately 6 weeks before the card will be issued.    

Upon presenting yourself for registration at the BSG Family Support and Central Processing Centre (FSCEP) in building 210, Rm 109-111, the following documents should be submitted (pls bring your copies with you since copies cannot be made at our offices!!):  

  • an original electronically completed SF 94 for each dependant regardless their age signed by either the respective National Military Representative (NMR) himself or any other individual nominated by the NMR, certified by and official NMR stamp. 
  • two colour copies of your passport or national ID (valid for at least 3 months),  if required with a Schengen visa.
  • two colour copies of your marriage certificate or an official certificate of legal partnership accompanied with a translation (Marriage Certificate Form Annex B) stamped and signed by your NMR for authentic and original, if the document is not in the English, French, German or Dutch language.
  • two colour copies of the birth certificates for each child accompanied with a translation (Birth  Certificate Form Annex A) stamped and signed by your NMR or NSU for authentic and original, if the document is not in the English, French, German or Dutch language. 
  • passport pictures - facility at Registration office.    
All documents submitted will serve to determine your legal status. Spouses with a SHAPE (AMIS) ID Card will have an integrated ration card – if applicable – linked to the sponsor’s entitlements and may use the card just like the sponsor for tax free purchases on the compound.     
In case parents or grandchildren are dependants from the Military Member and part of the same household, a SHAPE ID Card and Protocol ID Card are required for them as well. Apart from that a proof that they are member of their national Health Insurance is required (Annex C) as well as a Medical Certificate by a Belgian doctor (Annex C1) 
Whenever there is a change of address, please report directly to the FSCEP Registration office. No SF-94 will be required.     
For full support and to answer all of your questions you can contact the Registration section at extension 5147 and 4638 during working hours. 
For related instructions, before starting the application, you can follow the link below  



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