A Contractor is defined as an individual employed by a firm performing  work for a determined period of time, based on a contract established by any Headquarters, Organization or Agency administered or supported by SHAPE.
Firstly the Contractor should register in Belgium through the local commune before taking any appointment in SHAPE.
Once he has registered in the Commune he can present himself for registration at the BSG Family Support and Central Processing Centre (FSCEP) in building 210, Room 109-111 while submitting the following documents  (pls bring your copies with you since copies cannot be made at our offices!!):
  • the original national ID or passport (valid for at least 3 months) accompanied by one copy
  • the original Belgian registration document from the commune accompanied by one copy
  • the original security clearance documents accompanied by one copy
  • the original contract of assignment accompanied by one copy
  • the original electronically filled out SF 550 signed and stamped by your HR Civilian Personnel Department  accompanied by one copy (please follow the instructions on the bottom of the form)
These documents serve not only for the determination of your legal status but also to determine the correct security level on the respective SHAPE (AMIS) ID Card and to secure your respective security access.  Once your registration has been completed based upon the above documents, you will receive your SHAPE (AMIS) ID Card.
Whenever there is a change of address, please report directly to the FSCEP Registration office bringing a new registration document from the Commune. No SF 550 is required.
For full support and to answer all of your questions you can contact the Registration section at extension 5147 and 4638 during working hours.
For related instructions before starting the application, you can follow the link below.
Communes in Belgium and Opening Hours
Here are listed the three communes in which approx. 70% of SHAPE members reside.
If you do not live in one of these communes, please click here.

 Commune  Address  Opening Hours
 2 Rue Buisseret
 7000 MONS
 Tel +32(0)65/50.54.50
 0830 - 1230 hrs
 1330 - 1530 hrs
 1st Saturday/month
 0900 - 1200 hrs
 32 Place Verte
 7060 Soignies
 Tel +32(0)67/34.73.10

 Monday, Tuesday and Friday
 0830 - 1200 hrs
 0830 - 1200 hrs
 1400 - 1600 hrs
 0830 - 1200 hrs
 1530 - 1900 hrs (with appointment)
 1000 - 1200 hrs
 8 Rue du Moustier
 7050 Jurbise
 Tel +32(0)65/37.74.20
 0800 - 1200 hrs
 1300 - 1700 hrs
 Tuesday - Friday
 0800 - 1200 hrs
 1300 - 1630 hrs
 0900 - 1200 hrs

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