What Do Customs Do?

In Belgium, as in the USA or any Member State of the European Union (EU), the Customs Administration deals with the importation and exportation of goods.
That is why you will have contact with us
  1. When you arrive at SHAPE,
  2. When you leave SHAPE at the end of your duty and
  3. When you bring in some goods from non-EU countries into Belgium.
Do not forget also that we will deal with your car(s)
  1. When you import it or
  2. When you buy it in Belgium or in another EU country
  3. With duty and tax exemption.

We intervene when there are customs duties and excise duties!
We do not intervene when only VAT is concerned

SHAPE members are entitled to duty and tax exemptions for their own imported goods or for purchases of reasonable quantities of some items.
A complete list is available on the website shape2day.com.

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