Hospitals in Mons


There are two hospitals within Mons: CHU Ambroise Pare and St. Joseph Regional Clinic. Since your residence may not be within our host city, you may require information for your local hospital. There are several hospitals throughout Belgium and the doctors are world-renowned.
It is recommended that once you have signed a lease contract, learn where the nearest hospital is to your new residence. This information will be useful knowledge when an emergency occurs.
There may be certain costs involved when you use the services at the local hospital. Please call the SHF or stop in, building 401, to learn what these costs are and when it may pertain to you and your family.
Some of the extra costs at the local hospital are listed here:
Phone: Varies by unit 
TV: 5 €/day 
Private Room: 25-30 €/day
Important: Physicians professional fees may increase by 200% for surgical procedures for those in private rooms. 
Refrigerator: 8 euro for entire stay, plus a deposit of approximately 12.50 €
Telephone: Request a phone card or phone code at the admission desk. You will need a Belgian phone card to use the public phones.
Television: Most rooms are equipped with a television. They receive about 20 European channels, including BBC, NBC Superchannel, MTV, and a few Dutch channels featuring American programs in English with Dutch subtitles. If you are not in a private room, you will be sharing the television with another person. Patients who do not want to miss AFN may bring in a small portable TV with a simple wire loop antenna for the UHF signal. VCR rental is not available.


Visiting hours must be observed and usually run from 1500 to 1800 hours. To prevent patients from becoming fatigued, only a few visitors are allowed in at a time and should stay for only short periods of time.

Visitors must watch their children - running and playing in the hallways is not permitted. Smoking is not allowed in any of the patient rooms. Animals are not permitted in the hospitals.

Please check with the hospital for Intensive Care Unit visiting hours as they differ from the regular hospital visiting hours.


Regardless to what hospital you use, SHAPE Patient Liaison are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The liaison speaks both French and English and will be able to assist you with appointments or questions. Please note, the liaison may not offer medical advice.
For patients admitted to Ambroise Pare Hospital, there is a SHAPE Patient Liaison office which is staffed from 0800-2400 hours, with a representative on call after midnight. If you need assistance or have questions while in Ambroise Pare Hospital, ask a hospital staff member to beep them for you.

Please note: Although a SHAPE Patient Liaison is available regardless of what hospital you use, Ambroise Pare Hospital is the only Belgian hospital with a staffed SHAPE Patient Liaison office. If for some reason you have been admitted in any hospital other than Ambroise Pare, be sure to notify the Patient Liaison Coordinator at the SHAPE Healthcare Facility.


SHAPE Patient Liaison at SHAPE Healthcare Facility
Commercial: +32(0)65/32.53.33
SHAPE DSN: 566/5333
SHAPE Patient Liaison at Ambroise Pare Hospital
Commercial: +32(0)65/41.40.09
SHAPE Patient Liaison after midnight - on call
Commercial: +32(0)65/41.40.08
*This answering machine does not take messages but will give you the instructions on how to get help.


Monday - Wednesday & Friday 
0800 - 1700
1300 - 1700
Saturday and Sunday
0800 - 1000
(Acute Care Walk-In Clinic)

*Not sick call hours, appointments only. 

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